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Sword Design Featuring David DelaGardelle and Tolkien

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Hi guys (and the occasional lady),


Once again I haven't posted anything here for a very long time. I believe it has become a habit for me to post only once a year... :P

Anyway, that doesn't mean I am not productive!

I have made a new sword-design, after David DelaGardelle gave me a nudge, telling me that I should make more designs. That gave me the idea to incorporate him into the design, together with Tolkien, because they have inspired me so much throughout the years. So this is a little tribute to two great artists. :)



"No half-heartedness and no fear must turn us aside from following the light." - J.R.R. Tolkien


I've also made a second picture which contains two more design I did, but haven't posted before. The dagger I made 1,5 years back is also in it.

The left blade is a Nazgul dagger inspired by the Nazgul swords from The Lord of the Rings and the right design is a high-elven sword from Gondolin.




Thanks for viewing and hope you enjoy! :)



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Nice!! Do you plan on bringing either of these to life?

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Thanks Collin! At the moment I don't have the tools nor the time to make these, but they're on my pile of designs for future projects :)

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