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Dear colleagues,

I have not posted for a while.

Partly, because I have no camera and skills to take pictures ( and, indeed, I'm not intended to learn :D )

Partly, because I have not made much thing worth to post.


But... while bored of usual stuff, I started to dream about making a folding knife. It took a long time from dream to actually making one.

Thank's to my friend Jukka Hankala, who so kindly accepted me as an apprentice in his shop and as a guest in his home!


So, here is my very first folding knife.

You can see a hole for a thumb stud but nothing attached. I didn't want to make any cuts in the handle, so I decided to leave it as it is and make an other, with better way to open.


RWL34 blade, micarta handle with titanium liners.

















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Oh yes, this is very nice. I am impressed with your talent and your mentors kindness to have you train onsite.

Keep up the inspirational work!


Gary T

"I Never Met A Knife I Didn't Like", (Will Rogers)

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This is too cool. I saw it earlier and I just didn't really know how to describe it. This just screams gentlemen. I'm not a carbon fiber fan, but your lines are spot on. I'd be happy to own this knife.


Assuming this is a liner lock, you could (on the next knife) put a finger extension on the blade itself that sticks out at the spine. Opening with your index finger.

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Beautifully executed! Were you inspired by racing yachts? The line reminds me of a very fast boat hull made to slice through the waves.


Seems to me the thumb stud should match the profile and texture of the handle material so that it blends in and does not spoil the line.

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