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New Petty


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This is a new petty wa I have finished up recently.

It is 19.4 cm (7.6") overall. The blade is AEB-L 0.130".

The wa is copper, ebony, white turquiose composite, fibre spacer and stabilzed maple burl.











Thanks for looking,



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Thanks Saul. I've been using it for a few days in the kitchen. Seems to be okay in the pinch grip.


The grind is asymmetrical convex right-handed, which is a little odd to use for the first time.



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asymmetrical convex right-handed



Is that fancy talk for the left side is flat and all the edge comes from the right? That's what I think I'm seein on the one picture but I can say it's not just my eyes still out of focus from my bump on my noggin earlier. Edited by M. Cochran

Michael Cochran

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