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Jellyroll Bowie

Robert Burns

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Here is a recent knife I finished (about a month and a half ago) that I had photographed by Caleb Royer and to say the least I am always pleased with his work and how he can capture all of the subtle details in the woods and damascus patterns. I have really been enjoying playing with the twisted jellyroll damascus and believe it to be a highly untapped source of pattern development. That being said this knife is a multibar of alternating standard 30 layer twist with a twisted jelly roll. All comments are welcome and thanks for looking.




Steel: multibar damascus of standard twist and jellyroll
Blade Length: 8 1/4 inches
Blade Width: 1 3/4 inch
Spine thickness: 1/4
Handle Length: 5 1/2 inches
Total Length: 13 3/4
Guard material: brass and stainless steel
Handle materials: water buffalo horn, stabilized madrone burl, and stainless steel pin.
Sheath: 9 oz veg tan leather with rawhide overlay and artificial alligator skin inlay on the belt loop.
Sole Authorship.
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Thanks for the comments everyone. :) Austin here is a closer view of the pattern. It was six bars three standard twist of 30 layers and the other three bars were twisted jelly roll bars so much tighter.



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Love it!

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Wow, where is the drooling wolf whistle emoticon?


That is sexy looking!


DITTO !!!!!!! WHEEEEET WHEEEEEUUUW OWWWWOOOOO !!!!! Droollll..... :rolleyes:

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that is great work! thanks for showing it to us, to make us drool.

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