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A Simple Fighting Knife

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This is what I like to call an "improv" knife. Just get a convenient piece of steel and see what I can do with it, and go with whatever ideas come to me for the handle. So here's a fighting knife with a 6" blade, oil blackened steel bolster, ironwood and american hickory handle with copper spacers. Knife.jpg

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Nice knife,

I like the idea of occasionally working without a plan and discovering what a piece of steel has to offer us. How durable is the finish on oil blackened steel?



I haven't used it much but I think it should last pretty good. I heated up the bolster, and let it cool until it wasn't glowing then I dunked it in oil, so it's sort of burned in. The first time I tried, it hardened a bit too much and it wore away easily. The main reason I did it this way was to prevent it from rusting, but the black also was a nice contrast for the other colours and shades present on the knife.

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i like that quite a bit, nice clean lines and its not too "busy" like some fancier stuff can be :)

Thanks Dylan, I quite agree. I always respect the skill behind the really fancy stuff but it doesn't have the right "Feng Shui" sometimes, haha. I just really enjoy making "composite handles", with alternating wood rings. Not only do I like the aesthetic, but it's easy to assemble a handle this way and it's fun.

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