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Primal/tactical snake killer o-tanto

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This one was forged for the Blade Show, but came back to Texas with me. It ended up going to a customer who has bad luck with poisonous snakes, and when he saw pictures said it would be perfect for the inevitable ophidian encounters whenever he is outdoors.




It's forged from 5160, with a blade 12" long. The handle is two layers of paracord over leather, all impregnated with marine epoxy.


The Kydex sheath has slots for straps, allowing a quasi-traditional horizontal carry on a belt.




I also shot a little cutting video before it left the shop.



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Very cool! I love the shape and wrap together. Out of curiosity, did you make the knife used by one of the guys on that history channel show Alone? I started watching it the other day and one of the contestants had a knife that looked very similar to your aesthetic.



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Thank y'all! :)


John - I've been curious since someone asked me if he was carrying one of mine because I make integral socket handled blades. Not too many makers in the US doing so, and even fewer making the hikot scabbard (open faced board that allows moisture to drain and dry). I figured it was probably a Filipino rig since that's where that kind of setup comes from, but a little digging around turned this up on another knife forum, gleaned from Lucas' Facebook page:

"It's a custom forged knife, made by Jason Hawk of outlaw cutlery. Inspired by the hand forged blades of Indonesia , as well as the open face sheath, suited for wet environments . The hollow handle allows for an ever ready handle (no pins to break, etc) as well as a receiving space for a staff to convert into a spear . It also was built to be a pipe , in case medicine was needed to get into the lungs, if I got sick . About a 9" blade, forward heavy , great chopper, etc. Actually , it's quite balanced. Now that I handle it again. I usually use smaller blades in the bush, but the weight and the ability to hack and process brush for shelters was indispensable . I love smaller blades for crafting, traps, game, but I would take I knife like this again, of I could only take one blade ."

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