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Drilling RPMs

Casey Cardwell

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Slow down! 300 rpm or slower for 1/2"

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Daniel, great chart.

Turns out I'm drilling a bit hot on a regular basis. That should help. Now the other question...what about using a cutting aid. Rapid tap, etc?

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Honestly I'd cut all those numbers for steel in half at least. Consistent feed rate and pressure to make continuous curls instead of 'chips' is the most efficient way to drill holes, and not burn up your bits. I do most of my metal drilling around 160 rpm, for all holes from 1/4 on up. My drill press has auto feed, and as long as I keep the cut well lubricated it will blow holes through steel with ease. For smaller stuff than 1/4, around 600 to 800 on my smaller benchtop drill press. (and no auto feed!)



Justin "Tharkis" Mercier


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