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Refflinghaus #57 100 Kilo

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For Sale 100 kilo model 57 Ernst Refflinghaus Anvil.

Purchased '09 from Shady Grove.

No dings chips dents or depressions on the face/edges

Intentional surface oxidation from water forging.

Selling due to disability.

$1350 OBO

Thank you,

Michael McCabe

Gardiner, Maine.



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Wished I was closer. (I'm in Upper Michigan) I'd be interested.

Sorry to hear of your need to sell it, wish you the best.



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Thanx for the kind thoughts Tim. I expect when my body is able enough and has the capacity to once again practice my pattern welding skills I'll also have the money to purchase a new Anvil. So be it.


This Refflinghaus is sweet to work on and is a wonderful size. I almost felt bad when the factory polish oxidized, however for my style of smithing the current surface is more suitable. Also I've practiced on my share of worn, old, beat to $%!& anvils. Difficult. I like something truer to begin with. Something that won't deform or chip if used correctly. Something fine to look at! Seeing this anvil in the studio is of itself an artistic desire fulfilled. Which is why it sets, out of the way, on a block of Maple, outa sight, on the other side of some bushes, with an umbrulla over, it awaiting a good home.

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