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old little dagger ( in work )


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Hi all,

here a little daggerblade i found at a market.


Now i give him a new handle. 150mm blade, 37mm large and 5mm thick.


Here the new handle in work. I take Firethorn wood. The front and endpiece of the handle, i want make with old wrought iron.











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That is a very nice knife. I have always loved daggers. Are you going to make a leather sheath for this one as well?


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amazing finished product. didn't know how that spear point blade with the long tang was going to work out, but damn its turned out well

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I like it. It has the right feel, the wrought and copper went well with the unpolished dagger.


what a wonderful find. Let us know if you find out who forged the blade.


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I just love the flow of everything in this knife. The lines, colors, and textures really compliment each other, it has a perfect blend of new and rustic elements.

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