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Sharpening Stones?


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Looking to get a nice set of stones but the choices are overwhelming. There are oil stones, water stones, diamond stones and a bunch of different grits. My question is this: what would any of you get on a limited budget? I have a Norton two sided oil stone from Home Depot right now and I'm looking to upgrade.

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If I could only have two stones... a good coarse dmt diamond (320 grit or so) to use with water, for material removal and either a belgian blue stone (hard water) or a fine natural white arkansas stone to use with oil for finishing.

or I have a really nice course-med-fine Norton Carborundom block that is really nice...


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I've been using a Norton India bench stone for close to ten years, it does what I need it to do pretty well, and quickly. Having a bunch of stones going up to really fine grit sizes seems unnecessary to me. It only takes me a few minutes with my stone, a butcher's steel, and a strop to get a blade shaving hair smoothly. It's what I bought when I needed a good sharpening stone on a budget. I'd buy another one now if I needed one. Mine is made in the US, maybe the Home Depot ones are Chinese knockoffs?

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I like arkansas stones myself. Others like the man made stones. Haven't found a diamond I liked and I've tried a few. I know people who swear by water stones and others who swear at them. Sharpening is one of those things that you need to find what works for you and stick with that.



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I have been sharpening for since I was 9 or 10 years old, and have been using everything from carborundum stones, ceramic, diamond, Arkansas, and water stones.


Like Ron said, you will need to find what works for you but recently I have fallen in love with man made Japanese water stones. Not the cheapest but so so nice for me. Besides the prep time, it sped up my sharpening time. If I couldn't have those, I'd go with my DMT diamond stones, or Arkansas stones.

Matt had mentioned a Belgian Blue, but they aren't what I'd call cheap.


No need to get a whole bunch of grits at all. I'd recommend two or three at most. One course, or medium course stone, and a finer stone to polish the edge a bit more and a strop loaded with stropping compound to finish it off.

I picked up a set of three DMT diamond stones for around $85 or so. 320, 600, and 800 grits. Covers most of the needs for me.

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