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A Fillet and a Leatherworker's Knife.

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My bladesmithing skills are not at the level of others on this forum, but that's no excuse to not post my knives!


The first is a fillet knife forged from a file. The handle is cedar and some kind of bush wood, I forgot what it was, but it has a pleasant splotchy look to it. Clay quenched. It actually gained some upwards curvature from the water quench.




The clay before quench. You might be able to tell how much it curved by comparing the two.






Here is the leatherworker's kiridashi, made for a man in Denmark who livestreams his leatherwork. It was differentially quenched as well, with a take-apart handle for ease of sharpening.





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I love the copper bolster. You can get copper end caps for plumbing and put slots in them for end caps really easily. Or, if you can braze or silver solder, you can put an end on the bolster yourself. I use the plumbing caps for tools around the shop, but for anything I am selling to other people, I braze a cap together from sheet.


Not that you need to do these things. Just ideas for future work. These are good knives.


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Thank you BCROB! And Dylan, I remember it had the word "tip" in the name. It's not red tip, and it is a wood that does not like to be carved.

Has a hint of tulipwood on that handle

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Thank you Kevin, I tried using silver solder for a habaki once, and some strange chemical reaction occurred where it wouldn't correctly join, then when I put it in the forge again, it's almost like the solder ate away the copper, at least that's what it looked like. Do you know what might have happened?


BCROB, It kind of looks like it, but I'm certain that it is not tulipwood. I will ask the person I got it from.

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