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Rattlesnake Bowie

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One of my prouder ones. Blade is forged from a farrier's rasp, fileworked, fileworked copper guard, and curly koa for the handle, with brass pins. Just about a foot long if I remember correctly. The sheath is dyed leather, with rattlesnake skin. Southern Pacific Rattlesnake I believe. Experimenting around with a lightbox, not the best results yet but I'll get it up to snuff eventually.










Edited by Caleb Harris
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Thanks guys!


Like the work and for some reason really like the chainmaile backdrop.

I've found it really makes the best background I have access to. My guess is it is the same light reflection as the blade (dark-light contrast) so the right lighting medium for the knife is also the right lighting for the background.

...Or maille just plain looks cool.

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I do like it Caleb, geometry looks good, like the guard filework, and pins look flush/round. Nice stuff there, sheath and handle colors!


Gary T

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