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These two are a bit of a step in a different direction for me.

They are wootz steel daggers in two very different profiles. The curve blade was made using steel made by Jeff Pringle. The handle is a horse head design carved in hardwood and then lacquered black. The straight blade is made with steel made by Peter Swarz-Burt. Ebony and bone handle inlaid with gold leaf.












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Both blades have "hamon" but it is more visible in Jeff's steel. The blade hardened almost through all with just what I would decribe as a spine that runs from the center of the handle to about 3-4 inches and resembles a shrunk profile of the blade itself.


Although I like the functional characteristics of the steel in terms of cutting ability and sharpness, I was not too fond of the forging process. I ruined one bar and almost a second one trying to forge these blades. Plainly wootz does not like to be over-heated and I prefer to forge as hot as possible to move the metal with ease under the hammer.

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I like the steel, and I like the themes even more. very cool stuff.


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Does wootz shatter when hammered too hot? Also, why does it hate to move under high heat (carbides, etc.)? It is some enigmatic stuff for me, I kinda want to get my hands on some because it sounds like it has some "magical super steel" properties to it, then again it probably costs a fortune!

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Thanks, guys.


Wesley, wootz crumbles when hit with a hammer if it is too hot. I will let the people who really know metallurgy explain why.


Richard, the gold is very thin. I carved a channel in the bone or the ebony then roughed up the bottom of the channel and the gold simply "grabs on" to the imperfections.

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