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Yay! I love when sometimes I am asked to make something different to my usual production. This time, I was asked to make a pattern-welded arabic styled dagger. Budget allowed for some 400layers and a simple handle with a brass collar. Boy was I fool! After I forged two 200.layered billets, I relaized that there is not enough material for me - I write "for me", because I like to leave more meat on the blade and correct various odditites by grinding. So, it ended up being 600 layers, my highest count so far. The cross section is diamond - I know that originally it was supposed to be a hollow grind, but to be honest I didn´t want to get into it then - there were far too many firsts on this one for me. Anyhow, then came the brass collar... *sigh* FOUR TIMES! Four bloody times did I have to do it :D I was trying to chase the borders, and - again, it beign a first - it took some time... the first brass collar was ugly, so I threw it away. The second one was very nice, but I cracked the "rib" in the final leveling of the surface. The third one I burnt off while soldering.... and the fourth one is visible in the pictures below :)

So, the blade is about 25cms long and 4,8cms wide, and some 8-9mm thick. The handle is made of stained oak.











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that is sweet! I like that style a lot. Good to see something from a non-European culture every now and then, too.


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I love the shape of those blades. Last year I had the opportunity to view the Wallace Collection in London and was surprised to discover that the Persian blades were my favorite. There is a 17th century blade in particular, called a Chillanum, that I want to make some day.


Nice work, man.



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I almost missed seeing this one... I have a love for these Middle-Eastern knives, and you have done a wonderful job capturing the spirit of them. The high layer random pattern goes perfectly with the style.

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I don't usually like Arabic knives, but this looks awesome!! Great job man, I love that blade.

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