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An Article About My Mentor

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Cliff Morris, my mentor, made the local paper in Winnemucca, Nevada. My Dad came up to visit and brought me a copy of the article. I hunted down the online version:




Cliff is an amazingly talented man. Every time I visit, I find something new he's working on.


Should you ever visit his shop, I have one word of warning: Do not even mention the words "stainless steel." That phrase and the metal it applies to are strictly forbidden. If it doesn't rust, he won't allow it.


As for the article's photos, George Janacek is a photographer who captures people in the American West, and the author is Mac Hedges, another knife maker, and also my Dad (and an author in his spare time)


All nepotism aside, I thought this was a great article showcasing just a few of the talents of a fantastically creative man, and a good teacher. Every time I go "home," when I'm done fixing the family's computers, laptops, Ipads, and every other gizmo that needs fixing, I go to Cliff's, with a collection of whatever I'm working on. And I learn what I need to do better, what I've done right, and what I can do next.


Anyway, just bragging on my mentor. I thought y'all might be interested.

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