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Firefighter axe WIP

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It's been a dog's age since I put anything on here, lurker status, but a guy at work wants a pick head axe, so here we go. The first two attempts were disasters. The chisel kept wanting to walk to either side under the power hammer when drifting the eye, and trying to forge down a corner for the pick head axe part, kicked a yellow hot 10lb chunk of metal into my chest and hand. Finally, on attempt block#3, I drilled/filed a 3/8" groove into another blank and it worked. I also cut out a square of material from the blank to help make the forging process go easier. So far so good. None of my drifts would fit under the power hammer, (having 8" clearance) so most of the work was slowly done by hand with sledges. The block started out as 1.5"x3.5"x8". The axe is pretty much forged, and now it's up to the client to either have me smooth the sides or leave it as forged. I'll profile the handle tomorrow. Axe is now 7.5lbs, solid 4140.


John Rigoni

Rigoni Ironworks








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Thanks! No halligan in my future, I thought of trying one, but I don't want to weld the spike on the side and haven't figured out how to move a large enough piece under my hammer, probably too big of a project for this shop. This axe is about as heavy a forging as I want to do for now.

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Firefighter axe project is finished. The finished weight is 7lb. Axe head is 4140, with the cutting faces hardened, ready for the house fires :) Definitely the largest blade/tool I've made so far.





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Now that's an AXE! Great job man. Why so heavy though? I always thought fire axes were usually about 3-6lbs. Not a criticism, just curious. ;)

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