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Fun with Shop Projectiles!

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I was grinding a 19" long, 3/8" square rod on the flat of my 4HP hogging grinder and forgot to lower the workstop.


When I pushed down on the rod I was impressed with the ballistic efficiency of the system. It punched cleanly through the dust collection hood that I had positioned near it, another 12' until it hit the wall, punching through the sheetrock and insulating foam, and only stopping at the concrete block. A richochet off the floor may have been involved.


Here's a picture of the hole it left in the hood.




So, I'm thinking: Zombie apocalypse weapon .. . right?


Or, maybe just lower the workrest.






PS: Promise I'll post a blade soon and not just shop tom foolery.

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It wakes you up when something likes that happens :rolleyes:


Many years ago I was recreating a piece of molding for an antique clock I was restoring for someone. The molding was made with a number of successive passes across a router table to create the complex shape.


Once of those passes required running the piece between the router bit and a fence which is a bit dodgy of a thing to do since the bit will grab the piece if you don't feed from the opposite end than normal.


I had been working a long time, it was very late ant night and I was too tired to be working in the shop safely.


You guessed it, I forgot to change my feed direction, and as soon as I got the part engaged the bit, it just disappeared from my hands. The 3' piece of oak reappeared 20' away as it disintegrated against the basement wall.


I realized how lucky I just got, shut everything off, and went to bed like I should have a few hours before!

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Dave, that's really funny - since you weren't hurt. Glad everyone is okay.


Brian, yep, woodworking tools and distraction/fatigue don't mix.

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