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Finished: 3 Bar, Blackwood Leaf Dagger - Jachelt

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Wonderful work Dave! I think this is my favorite thing you have made thus far.

This forum is funny. There are slow weeks and then there are weeks were so many wonderful things get posted. This is one of those weeks.


Thank you, Wes.


My guess is that Peter's upcoming exhibit in Germany is the one of the reasons that so much excellent work has been posted so recently. I know it has been one of my influences.



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Lovely Dave.... my favorite bit from you.


Love the touch of the leaves and carving. Those 'simple' motifs can be a bear.. and I know your pain on the empty space. People like Kelso make that stuff look easy. ;-) But you pulled it off wonderfully....

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Does it glow blue when there are Orcs around?


I love the scabbard (I actually love the whole package). The shot of after you sanded it down reminded me of how absolutely filthy that wood can be to work with. I had a couple of T-shirts that the stain never came out of.



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