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Crushed W's elongation question

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I have a quick question regarding crushed W's and the effects of elongation. How much can one draw out crushed W's before the pattern starts getting overly distorted? I know that just about every other factor will contribute and add work off each other, just looking for a general idea to get going with.


Many thanks!


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It depends what effect you're going for, Michael.


This is a shot of a crushed w's feather I did many years ago, where I drew it out from 6" to about 22" and you can see the effect. Kinda cool, but almost not recognizable as "W's"


Now when I work with W's I sand and etch the end of the billet chunks between each weld, so I can sort of see their progression.


Glad to see you're still in the game, bro!






stretched w's.JPG

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