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Gabriel James

1904 modern blacksmithing JG HOLMSTROM

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Has anyone read this book? or tried the following techniques that stuck out to me. The following are excerpts



Iron and steel may be case hardened with either of the following compounds: Prussiate of potash, salamthoniac of equal parts. Heat the iron red hot and sprinkle it with this compound, then heat again and sprinkle, and plunge it while yet hot in a bath of salt water.

Another: Cyanide of potassium; grind it into a fine powder and sprinkle over the iron while red hot, and plunge into a bath of salt water. This powder will coagulate if it is held against the fire so it gets warm. Be careful with this powder, as it is a strong poison. It is the best thing that I have ever tried for case hardening iron. It will case harden the softest iron so that it cannot be touched with any tool It is also good for plows, especially where it is hard to make a plow scour. The only objection is the price, as it costs more than prussiate of potash or other hardening compounds."


Take 1 pound of ashes from white ash bark, dissolve in soft water. Heat your iron red, and cool in this solution, and the iron will turn white as silver.


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