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Wiring a 2hp electric motor

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It's been a while since I posted, but I just purchased a KMG grinder that came with a 2hp Leeson electric motor. I have spent all morning looking up how to install a power cord and get this thing wired up, but I am more confused now then I was when I started. This is the only diagram that came with the motor. I am completely unfamiliar with this type of stuff and was wondering if anyone knew of a good resource or had any insight into what type of 220 plug I need and how to install the cord.


Any thoughts?


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p1 goes to line voltage (on 220v white or black) t4 and t5 go to line voltage (whichever wire is left after p1) t1 and t8 are jumped and if it rotates the wrong way you can switch some of the leads to get it to rotate the other way looks like its going to draw about 9.2 amps so you could use 12g wire (good for 20a under 100 ft) and any outlet and plug combo that is rated 15a or better and 3 wire min you will need a circuit in your panel that is 220v ish or add a 2 pole breaker around 15amp


for my 220v items in the shop i use a 3 blade range type outlet and plug but its mostly so my cords match what we have at work so i can take my plasma in when i need to do work the office one cant handle


also if you use a white wire to carrie hot wrap the attaching ends in black tape to let anyone working on it latter that its hot


dont forget to ground the frame

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that helps quite a bit, thank you. What about the ground? is there a wire that comes out of the power cord that I attach to the small green screw inside the wiring box on the motor?

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To add to that excellent advice, you can use a 20A rated light switch as your on/off swith as long as you ground the box you put it in. Just run one of the hot wires across the switch terminals. With 220 both black and white are hot.

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