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Here's a project for a friend of mine. He wanted a knife for wood carving and whittling. He showed me a picture or two of a design he wanted and I tried to recreate it with some modifications more suited to his needs. The design called for a lanyard hole in the handle, so I used a piece of copper tubing to go along with the copper pins. I haven't done a really nice blade in a while. Yes, the blade is full-tang forged from spring steel. The overall design is his and I didn't tweak it much. He wanted mahogany scales for the handle, which I never played around with before. This one was partial payment for some computer work I needed done.



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Thanks, guys. The more I worked on it, the more I wanted to keep it for myself, but I knew it was going to someone that will use it and not abuse it. The hand-feel was perfect before I even started on the handle scales. lol I love when knives do that. As for the sheath, I'm not sure. I do have some old brown leather pistol holsters laying around, so I might do something utilitarian. Yeah, this is one of my top five favorite blade designs.

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