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The sword of King Henry V

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So, I saw they had these pics. of Henry's sword out today.


I was just wondering, what people in the know, know about this sword.



Hollow grind ?? Scales, on the grip ? Weight ?


Has anyone here, studied this in person, or made a replica?



Thanks for any help. :)







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According to all my sources, it's quite lightweight, about 2 lbs, and fairly short, under 30" in blade. Much of the pommel is hollow, and the blade is very slightly hollow-ground.

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More than likely it was mostly for show. Creating knights and formal ceremonies.

That sword? No. That's about as far from a ceremonial sword as it gets. Sharp enough to use on lightly armoured opposition, long enough tip to get through gaps in armour, simple iron cross- that's a pure killing instrument. Light enough as well to keep your sword arm fast.

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