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power hammer problem...

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I have a 55lb striker hammer (anyang style), with the top die stuck in the up position. I had a stuck die and was hammering out the key and it must have moved a bit and when I turned the hammer on the tup is stuck inside the body of the hammer. Anyone know how to get it back down?


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I am having a difficult time visualizing what is going on up there. It is possible the loose key was thrown up just after the top of the stroke ( that throw may have put the loose key out of horizontal and thus wedged it stuck on the way down)...in which case you may want to try pushing up on the ram a bit as it may only have another few mm of travel...and try to get that key to become horizontal again so the whole thing can come back down. After pushing up the ram (gently) you may be able to use a stiff wire to pull the end of the key back down. I would not force anything.


In any case good luck.



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