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Munitions grade Walloon sword

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Good day


I finally managed to complete this munitions grade sword recently. Of all the stages, the fitting of the guard plates proved to be the most challenging. The blade is 75cm long and 8mm thick at the base.









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I don't know anything of the history of this sword. However, I now have something to look up. The sword is impressive in its own right. I will probably like it even better once I learn more.


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Neat choice ! One does not see a walloon sword being chosen as a project very often. You did a very nice job capturing the overall feel of the sword, very stout appearance, though the hilt proportions seem a bit overly large. The wire wrap is especially clean, that takes a good deal of patience...


Did you braze the perforated shells in place? I thought I could see traces of copper brazing in the photos.

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