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Can I use this steel for knives

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I was recently given a bunch of Mercury brand farrier rasps…..people on the 'net seem to think these are case hardened.


I heated one to bright red, quenched it in water, then held it on my anvil and hit the overhanging part. It snapped.


Then I reheated the file and quenched it in the peanut oil I usually use. A new Nicholson file skated on it...


Does this all mean I'm good to go??


Thanks for all help or suggestions.

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Older Heller Red Tang rasps according to the manufacturer rep I spoke to are 1095. I'm not sure what others are. Your test as Allen stated indicates it should work.

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Mercury are pretty good quality rasps in general. They stay sharp, and will take a beating, at least in rasp form. I know I've used a mercury and a hellar rasp for well over a year, from hoof to shoes, to finally just a hot file. So I don't know much about the harden of them, but I know it's a decent material from the start.

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