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1750's Style Foliding Knife

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Looking through this thread I saw that I had promised to post some more pic's of the next folder I made. That was back in March. Well this is really only a variation on the same theme. I suppose that's what makes these style of blades so appealing for me. All I have to do is change some of the embelishments and this changes the feel of the knife. The blade size is the same as the original one I posted and the antler is again very close in size. I have included some pic's of the knife in my hand which gives you an idea of the size of this bad boy.

The customer also requested a sheath so he can carry the knife with him, it's a little large to carry in your pocket. I made this simple style pouch sheath from elk hyde that I've had for quite a while and has been waiting for the right project and I whipped the edges with synthetic sinew.

I hope you like it guys and as always thanks for taking the time to look and posting your comments.


All the best





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