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Working knife

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hey guys,

its a long time back that i postet a new blade here. in next time its gona change again. wink.png

here is one of my latest knifes that i made for my fieldworking.

its forged from 1.2842 toolsteel.

30 cm overall lenght with 17 cm cuting edge. (rasersharp as i like them)

the handle material is homemade micarta.

the wetformed leathersheath is designed for crossdraw.

bladefinish is really rough and gun blued for a bit of rust protection.




have all a nice day,


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Wow that is clean! I especially like the crispness of the lines in the leather, and also the lines in the handle, and pretty much everything else too :) Great work! The gentle curve of the entire spine of the blade and handle really does it for me

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thank you guys, you made my day with this comments. i´m really happy that you like it.

this micarta color combination is a experiment that turned out better as i was thinking and im sure i gonna make some more of it for my future projects.


cheers, geko

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I think the sheath with the detailed / molded finish is excellent, make a person want to look further at the product inside.

Yes, do more micarta this way. I like the blued blade finish contrasting looks between the spine and edge and plunge cuts of course.

Nice design.

Gary LT

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That is an overall very nicely made and designed knife. The first thing I saw in the photos was the handle which I like very much , then I found out it was homemade micarta, wow.



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