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Variations On A Theme: The K'Nifi


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I designed this knife one day back in June. My roommate challenged me to just go and design a knife and 10 minutes later, I had this drawn out and was grinding it out of a bit of wood.


This knife isn't bad ass, it isn't tactical, or anything...it's just a knife. It's meant to cut and that's it. That's why I've decided to name this knife (what I think is) the proper phonetic way of pronouncing "knife". It's called the K'Nifi.


OAL 165mm

Cutting edge 67mm

Weight: (get ready) 0.33lbs



I just recently finished the bare steel one in 5160 in September and have been carrying it quite a bit. This past week I found some 1/8th inch copper I had been given a few years back and decided to make and upgraded version



Here is the Copper Clad K'Nifi


OAL 165mm

Cutting edge 67mm

Weight: (get ready) 0.55lbs

5160, Copper plate, and brass pins





And, as I'm sure you're all aware, there's always a small sacrifice that is due to the Blade Gods...and I got a bit of a papercut from the belts...

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Half a pound? :blink: That could double as a throwing weapon, wouldn't matter which end hit, it'd put the hurt on. ;)

Or a small finishing hammer.........kinda cute though.

Good for dressing small to medium size game.

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works for me. the copper is a nice touch. I love copper.

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This reminds me of the infamous 'mouse skinner', the design is quite close....

Copper is beautiful, but heavy!

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