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Stairway to heaven, a gothic stiletto

Tiaan Burger

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A year or two ago Tom Sterling posted a thread showing a "holdout stiletto". The idea stuck and about a month ago I decided to make one, a variation on Tom's theme.

In order not to make a straight copy I decided on a different blade / handle transition, using gothic arches. I also decided to do a deep relief carving.

I used a piece of 1/2" mild steel square bar.


Here is the result of my efforts:











Questions and comments welcome

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That is a great homage to the one Tom did, and you got the twist perfect! I like the patina on the handle end. The only thing I might have though about differently is the pommel end. A pointed gothic arch shape there would be nifty, echoing the blade/handle transition.


Just an opinion, I like fine the way it is now.

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just wonderful!


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very nice combination of techniques.

please visit my website http://www.professorsforge.com/


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Awesome!! I tried making something similar once, it wasn't nearly as nice though. This would be an amazing project to try in pattern weld or wrought Iron!

On a side note, you've got Zeppelin stuck in my head again....

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Wow. I saw this when you first posted it while looking at my phone. I saw the pics then and thought "That is really nice"


Now that I see it on a big computer monitor, my thoughts are more like, "Holy smokes, that is amazing!"


The carving detail is terrific, and the cube twist is so clean and even. Nice work.


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