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Harpoon Point Camp Chopper

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Yesterday I received a pleasant surprise in my email, a new photograph from Caleb Royer of a knife I finished about a month of so ago and I thought I would share it. This was a fun project for a client over seas where he gave me pretty much full artistic freedom which is a wonderful opportunity. The blade was forged using a go mai type of construction with 400 layer 1095/15n20 for the outside layers, pure nickel, and a core of W2. The handle is carbon fiber and black ash burl with mosaic/ stainless steel pins. Overall the knife ended up being just shy of fifteen inches long so definitely not on the small side, but it was a joy to make and any comments or criticisms are always welcome. Thanks for looking.





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Thanks guys this was a really fun project to work on between combining the carbon fiber and wood, plus using pure nickel in a weld for the first time. If there isn't at least one first in a project what fun is it?

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