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Starrett T 230 XRL Micrometer - Unused Excellent

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Aloha Gang,

Found a few more items in the shop that are just sitting ...

I have listed a Starrett model T 230 XRL Micrometer that I picked up and tested it and then just put it back in its wrap and box and put it away...

Just don't have the need I thought I would for this kind of accuracy....

From what I found... these run around $200-$250 or more....

You can google it and find the specs... here's some from Starrett's site...

Micrometer Type: Outside
Range (in): 0-1"
Graduations (in): .0001"
Anvil/Spindle Material: Carbide
Anvil Type: Flat
Spindle Type: Flat
Lock Nut Type: Knurled Ring Type
Thimble Type: Ratchet
Accuracy (in): +/-.00005"

$GONE Shipped Priority Mail Insured with Tracking to the USA Only....

Thanks for looking...

Have a wonderful week!

Take Care and God Bless,










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That's a nice one. Is that 0-1"? I have probably 3 or 4 in this size, too bad.


Aloha Brian,


Thanks for the kind comment... yup it's a 0-1"


I'm feeling in a Christmas kind of mood so if anyone is looking for a gift... although It's gonna arrive a bit late even if I ship priority....


Grab this beauty for $GONE Shipped Priority Insured with tracking to the USA only....


Merry Christmas All!


Take Care and God Bless,



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Aloha Gang,


This is still available... one last bump before I list it on the bay....


Great tool in Great condition....


Have a great Friday and Weekend!


Take Care and God Bless,



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