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Hello everybody!

Mat Maresch

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Hello everybody.


I want to introduce myself.

My name is Mathias Maresch, I am a knifemaker from Germany.

I'm 27 years old, and have learned the art from Uli Henicke, who is posting here since some time.

He has also shown you my "examination work", that dagger / knife in the chest, remember?


I do want to show you some of my knifes here and then, also interested in your opinions.


And I want to send my deepest respect and greetings to Mr. Don Fogg -

thanks for giving us this space to show and tell - and to Tai -

thanks for showing me, what "forging" a blade really is - and to Mr. Jake Powning -

for showing such great creativity and love to the art.


So, have thee a nice day, and keep the fire blazing!


Mat MareschUlismate_copy.jpg

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Knifemaker, Germany

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Nice knife, but as you can see I had to edit the image because the one you posted was huge. I encourage you to post images, but keep the size to 640x480 and around 50k. I reduced the size of your image using an online photo editor EasyPhoto


I would encourage you to get a graphics program for working with digital images and learn how to use it. Photography is as important to knifemaking as any other skill. Do a search on this forum for other threads that deal with this topic for more information.


Working with Paint and Picture for resizing digital images


Working with scanned images


Another way to go is to upload your images to an online photo site and rework them there. I use Flickr You can create online albums and generate links to individual pictures or albums which can be posted or emailed out.



Don Fogg

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that's a very nice blade. The damascus work is beautiful, and I like the habaki design with the hole in it. (hope habaki's the right word) Nice overall design with good proportions. Nice to see another guy from Germany. Keep up the good work.

-- Sigi Baumann

Weyland's Apprentice Knives

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Welcome, Mat!


And thanks for posting the picture of your beautiful knife. I especially like the copper fitting in front of the handle with the small window cut out. Very elegant and exciting. Can you tell us more about what steels are involved in your creation and what kind of material you have used for the handle?


Thanks again and welcome to the forum!



"Imagination is more important than knowledge" - Albert Einstein


"The innovator is not an opponent of the old. He is a proponent of the new."

- Lyle E. Schaller



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Welcome Matt, the world just got a little smaller, again. Very good knife.

There are three kinds of men. The one that learns by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves. Will Rogers

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Sorry, Mr Fogg. I didn't realize the image was THAT big... I do know how to resize images, and would have done it if I had seen How big it was. Thought it were some displayproblem on my Computer... Thanks for your advice. Next ones gonna be smaller, I assure you.


Thanks for the warm welcome, fellows.

The Blade is San-Mai, flanks are 180 layers "turned damascus" (this right? - torsion damascus?) made from Nickel and a 0.6% carbon Steel. Same carbon Steel is the "core" of the blade.

Oh, help!!! Always thought my english was good enough, but now... Lots of terms I don't Know.


Well, habaki is copper, and handle Bone of the "Stellersche`Seekuh", Seacow-Ripbone in English, I guess.


I`ll post another picture, showing the box I made around the knife.

The box is made of solid steel, bottom is wood covered / inlayed with leather. In the four corners of the Box there are spacers of damascus. The lid is oak, approx. 1600 years old. Pin is damascus, too. All parts are assembled by rivets.

Thanks for looking!






Knifemaker, Germany

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