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Last one for a while

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This is for a friend who wanted a hunting knife for his sister. She is hemophiliac and has to stay safe from the blade. From now on I will focus more on bench jewelry, after all the knives from goldsmiths in this forum I decided to go this path for a while. A friend of mine is master goldsmith and teaches me the craft now :)


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good knife, and nice motivation for making it. I remember reading Tim McCreight's knifemaking book, and then looking for more by him and coming across his jewelry book. I was curious why a knifemaker would also be an obviously skilled jeweler. Of course, it makes sense, now.


I take a break from knives a couple of times per year to make a few pieces of jewelry. It helps me with appreciation of fine detail and in getting better with things like soldering, chasing, and engraving. It is not a substitute for blade work, but it helps open the door to a lot more as a cutler. Besides, traditional Chinese swords from the Qing had the rank of the owner denoted by the jewels set in the guard and pommel, and on the scabbard. So... I had to learn how to make bezels and set stones.


It does seem that there are about 2 thousand hobbyist jewelers for every hobbyist knife maker, though.


good luck,


please visit my website http://www.professorsforge.com/


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My goal is to earn the "art/detail eyes" most here have. Sadly my time and budget doesn't allow to follow both hobbies so I have to make a decision. But after I saw Wielands knifes I think that's a way that can lead to good results :). Probably I will do it reverse of what you do Kevin and make a knife once a while to test out new earned skills.

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