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Mesquite Burl/Damascus Folder (Burns/Lyles collab)

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Hey folks! So a little while back Robert and I had talked about getting a knife made with some of his Damascus. After going through a few designs we finally figured on a sweet looking little blade. The steel turned out gorgeous (even though I may have forged it a bit too much, moving the pattern around. Sorry Robert! :P)


Anyways I hope you guys enjoy and Merry Christmas to all!




Steel is 1084/15n20 (I told him to surprise me with the pattern and I think it's some form of twisted, crushed w's)

Mesquite burl

7 1/2" oal

3 1/4" blade

Fileworked Titanium liners










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That is sweet, for sure. Excellent work Austin/Robert.

I have some mesquite but not burl. Would love to get some burl like this!


Gary LT

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Thank guys! This was a fun project to work on. It was great working with some good pw steel from Robert. I say it all the time and I know it gets old, but man, I have a soft spot for mesquite. It's beautiful and great to work with. :)

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high quality craftsmanship, it appears. Good looking, too. I think you guys did a great job, at least from what I can see. good work, for sure.

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From a pure design aesthetic...

This is top notch!

perfectly balanced the steel and burl. Often I find one overtakes the other.... or it's just way to much.

This is really, really beautiful.


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