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Quick and Dirty


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Hey all! So I always try to work as efficiently as possible when making knives for my customers. Keeping that in mind, I designed this little fellow in order to keep it affordable. After all is said and done I was quite happy with finishing the knife in 5 work hours. I'm also always trying to refine my skills at heat treating for hamons. It never ceases to amaze me at how unpredictable a hamon can be....


Overall is 7"


Curly Mesquite



Hope you guys like it and Happy New Years!





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5 hours. damn. that would take me about 10 or 12.

I do everything on handle shaping with rasps, files, and paper. I just can't do it with a grinder and not ruin it. Plus, rasps and files are my favorite tools to use.


looks very good. Striking a balance is important, and something I don't do well (my $100 knives take about 10 hours, and then there are materials, so I am doing skilled labor at less-than-minimum wage).



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Quick, maybe, but definitely not dirty! A very elegant piece, actually; nice hamon, and that wood is a knockout!

My hand-forged knives and tools at Etsy.com: http://www.etsy.com/shop/oldschooltools

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Thanks for the great comments guys! Admittedly this was a stock removal, as I had needed to make it quick for a deer hunt of mine. With the addition of a new grinder my work time has been cut down considerably. Haha perhaps the title itself was quick and dirty. However there are a few things that didn't turn out how I wanted, and if only I had more time, would have changed. The hamon, the choil area, the polish.


Kevin I know how you feel. I also do quite a few handles with files and rasps. I really like it though. The work is slow and there is less room to screw up.

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A very nice looking knife. Turning it out in five hours is amazing. I'm with Kevin, I do my handles with hand tools to keep from screwing them up.



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