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New Bowie

Bob Hewitt

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I've had an idea to make one of these for a while. It's forged from EN9 with a 200mm blade and a 120mm handle. The leather is 3mm veg tan. All the bits and pieces are brass, buffalo horn and leather.


The belt loop bit (the baldrick? or frog? or whatever...) is detachable should the need arise, and is locked with a sam browne stud to stop it sliding apart. It's a tight fit, so sliding isn't really likely!


I was going for the 'lived with' look and, probably due to my rubbish grinding skills, have given a look that suggests having been freehand sharpened since first seeing service at Gettysburg!




It should make a fairly useful camp knife, or it could end up hanging over a fireplace with a family fable wrapped round it, "That? yes, that was my great, great, great uncle's, he had it with him at Rourke's Drift, I think it was..."

Anyway, what do you think, Guys?

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Hi, Alan,


I'm currently looking at the pix on a different machine and they show up fine. I've checked the links and they're correct. Any other reason why you might not be getting them?

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