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Stock Removal Process Steps

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What are the steps to produce a stock removal knife? I dont need the explanation of each step, just a check list to go by so I dont anneal or temper or harden out of order. I can research each step before I complete it. Thanks in advance!

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1. Design

1.5 Soften steel if it is already hard

2. Profile shape (grind or file)

3. Bevels (grind or file)

4. Drill any needed holes

5. Normalize (if needed)

6. Harden (heat and quench)

7. Temper

8. Finish grinding (if needed)

9. Polish

10. Make handle

11. Drink beer

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See, Wes, I knew I would get something out of order. I had Drink Beer as steps 1, 2, 8 and 11. Good looking out



My pleasure Dustin. I wouldn't say that you have it out of order... but your lines might be a little wonky if you have too many Step 11s ;)

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