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Luke Wojtanowicz

Pair of Hunter/Skinners for the New Year.

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Hello everyone, I haven't posted in ages, but my hands have not been idle, and now that I got my camera working again...,


(Sigh, hammer and tongs I can use, computers i am not so good at.)


Anyway, a couple of Hunting and Skinning knives in my series of ergonomic blades. These have black walnut handles, with copper pins on top, and brass pins on the bottom. And as per usual, they are 100% recycled materials. The copper is grounding wire, the brass is scrap from a diesel engine, the blade is 1085 plow steel, and the black walnut handle is salvaged from an old ottoman. P1010101.JPG


Both have already been sold, for $60 a piece. I don't know how much time I put into them, but it probably wasn't more then four hours each. Not a bad days work.

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