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Narrow Fuller Grinding Hack for KMG

Dave Stephens

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If you have a KMG, you'll notice that the small wheel and the holding attachment has the problem of the bearings protruding out beyond wheels of 1.25" or less in diameter.




If you're grinding a fuller, this doesn't work, as the sword blade just hits the sides of the attachment.


The Wilton/Burr King small wheels have a different configuration, with internal bearings.




However, the small wheel attachment for them is several hundred dollars. Here's a cheap hack I came up with that allows you to use Wilton wheels on a KMG. It's pretty self explanatory. All that's needed is a thick block of micarta (or another hardwood), a could of 2.5" long bolts, and a 1/4" thick plate of aluminum.






Hope this helps someone else!






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Seriously timely information.

I've got my KMG and was planning on using my small wheel attachment to grind a fuller on the sword I'm designing. I am going to have to change my approach a tad, but now I've got some options.

Fairly simple fabrication. Pretty good advice.


Thanks Dave.

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Thanks Dave, that helps me out a lot. I've had this in the back of my mind to figure out how to do it for a while now, and you've done all the work! Does anyone know if the Bader wheels would work with this setup as well?

I always notice stuff in the background and perimeters of photos, and I have to say that's some nice redneck wiring on the cord & plug behind the green grinder. I love it!

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