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control system for a cycling hydraulic press.

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Alright, looked briefly at the video finally between crisis and it occurred to me, simplistically, what you've done is replicate a common pump circuit. I was thinking a higher frequency cycle time to minimise temp rundown was being used when talking about pressure spikes, like a mechanical or pneumatic hammer Link below is someone else's for visual only.




If you look at the animation, and used a 4 port, 2 position single solenoid, spring return valve energised by coil MS1, name it whatever, it would be a reproducible reciprocating hydraulic control scheme, minus one coil. A foot switch after the control fuse would initiate cycling and lifting your foot would always return the ram to the up or home position by de-energising the valve coil in Auto. In Hand, as shown in the link, a foot switch using that 4/2 valve would just jog the ram down, think single hit, then return home, lifting your foot. In Off with hydraulics running, the ram also defaults and remains in home position. What is shown in the forum thread re-worked a little to include a three position switch and a three position valve gives a few more options. I'd use 24VDC so solenoids last.


Not saying what was done ain't right. It obviously works fine. Did say there's many ways to do the same thing. ...Now, don't do this at home, kids. Have your electrician NFPA 70E following buddy wire it for you. There's my boilerplate disclaimer.


Happy forging, Y'all.

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I was planning a pure mechanical solution for my press.  I currently have the footpedal held in the "up" position with a spring.  When you press down on the footpedal, the press goes down. When you release it goes up.  My plan was to build an arm off the press head with a height adjustable contact sticking out.  I planned a pivot which would be pushed by the contact and which would push on the back of the valve, stopping the rising action.  My goal was to set the stop height depending on what I'm working and then press down to squash, let off and it will only go up a little way. Having a day job with computers I really want to spend my off time on mechanical bits.

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