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My first SS410 to 52100 San mai

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I will post some pics as soon as i get it forged out to some kind of blade thickenss. I did two different billets. One was just 410 and 52100 and one was 410, 15n20 and 52100. From what little I have seen, the biggest trick is having a very clean surface between the layers and welding the edged completely before you start anything.


Everything thing went much better than I expected by far. I did get some de-lam around the edge of one billet but it one went in maybe 1mm on one side. Another thing i notices was that it is very important to make sure the thickness of each layer is in the right ratio. My SS layers are .25" this and my 52100 layer was just a bit less than .125". After forging it down to the thickness I use for kitchen knives it will be very hard to make sure that center layer is straight and thick enough to grind and have a predictable hard edge.


I have done several A203 to 52100 billets and they turned out great and even was able to get a few to live through water quenching them. However I must state that I a HUGE failure rate on the water quench and will not do that again. Here are a few pics of the hard lesson learned about water quench.

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