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Kiridashi frictionfolder

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hey guys,

was thinking about what to do with some left over´s and came up with this little fun project.

i really like to use kiridashi´s in my shop for leather work. and if you are used to them you never wanna miss them.



not a masterpiece, but for a first try i´m happy.
not everything is perfect in line and the finish is bullshit too. but hey, its a working tool.
have all a nice day,


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I would agree with Alan, it certainly is a handy looking knife. I might actually make one like that just to throw in my dresscoat jacket :P I am always missing a knife when I wear it, and I don't want something that is noticeable, just a usable little piece.


Great job, and A+ for creativity, I never would have looked to Kydex as a handle material!



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thank you all for the positive feedback.

looks like i need to get some locktide now. the chicago screws starts to loosen a bit after 20-30 times open/close the knife.


cheers, geko

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Well, I like friction folders (but not kydex, sort of like Alan). However, that looks like a great tool. Way prettier than most of my shop-made tools for my own use. Actually, it is prettier than all of them.



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