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Finished work on this one last week. It's been a while since I made a puukko, and maybe because of that I struggled with some parts of the process. For example, I had to redo the front bolster seven (yes, seven) times before achieving a satisfactory fit.






Thanks for looking!



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That's a nice looking piece, I especially like the look of the rivet washer the tang is peened into. I definitely agree about puukko bolsters. I'm yet to make one I'm 100% satisfied with. They're great little knives and every once in a while I just get the urge to make one.

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do you use the peening trick to close the gap around the bolster? getting that gap to close is often the most difficult for me. When you said you had done 7 times, that is what I thought of.


I like the knife a great example of a puukko. They are such wonderful knives.

good job


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Nice!! I really really love this knife, I'm not even completely sure why. The photography is excellent as well, I might add. I also like the little metal fixtures on the sheath, most are seem too be sewn, but it looks wonderful with the metal and is a beat seaxish, which is always a good thing. ;)

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Maybe you haven't made one for a while, but you have not lost any of your mastery of the form. This one is very nice. Makes me want to make another attempt now :)


This knife has a number of fine features, but I wanted to give a nod to the riveted ring you made for the belt attachment :)

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Aiden CC,

Me neither. Close, but never 100%. If I’m too happy with something I put it under the microscope for a reality check.


The handle is ‘visakoivu’ = masur birch (?) that has been dyed completely black, and then the majority of the colour was wiped away. I used dyes meant for leather.


Yes, some peening, and I also had to adjust the transition between the blade and tang several times with a needle file.


Thank you, I appreciate it. I do my best to present my work in a way that is not neutral. Some people like that, but, there are also many who don’t.

Yes, I got the idea for the belt loop here, looking at seaxes ;-)

Thank you Brian and Kenneth!

Edited by J.S.Voutilainen
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Thanks Krateros, John!


So, one more puukko, and then something else...




115 CrV3, curly birch, 925 silver, wet formed leather sheath. This is a small one; blade 7,5 cm and the overall length is about 17 cm. Weight without sheath 45g, 82g total. Edge angle 19 degrees, hardness about 61 Rc. Made for a person who carries a puukko every day, and prefers a small and light one.


Inspiration behind this is 'Kokemäki' puukko, that is why the shoulders of the blade are visible.


Something else




Let's see how it goes

And how long it takes

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