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Kitchen knife (Santoku)


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Hi all


I want to make a kitchen knife, a Santoku


What I want to know is what type of steel do you masters recommend me? I don't want to use Inox steel, because, well, it sucks, I would like to use some kind of carbon steel but the problem is to wash it in the dish washing machine and prevent that it will get rusty.


Is there any kind of treatment to prevent rusty?


Thank you

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To prevent it from rusting simply means drying the knife, and not letting it stay moist for a lengthy period of time. It will develop a patina when in contact with food, but as long as you treat it properly, it won't rust. I prefer to wash my knifes straight after using by hand though, dry them and hang them up. Throwing them in with the rest of the dishes is brutal on the edge.

Jeroen Zuiderwijk

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so to build off of what Jeroen said -- High carbon steel knives are Easiest to HT, generally speaking, compared to the Stainless Steel counterparts; where you would need to send it off to heat treat or obtain specialty equipment.

With that in mind 1095 would probably be your best bet in my opinion if you plan on doing everything yourself.


Use it, hand wash, dry, oil and its great. I NEVER put knives thru dishwashers as the chemicals seem to alter edge retention greatly as well.


1084 would be my second choice

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Stick w/ the 1084 if you are a beginner, significantly easier to HT than the 1095, as 1095 is hyper-eutectic, and 1084 is barley hyper-eutectic. this means that there should be less to worry about...

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