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Quick Side Sword


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It's been a while since I've been able to work on personal blades. Since I finally caught a break after the Christmas rush, I decided to put together a few pieces I've had to shelf. This one was made from a guard i used to experiment with TIG welding, so it's a bit rough. The handle was put together from some handle stock that shifted in the gluing process, but worked well for this project. The pommel was from our standard turned stock, sadly not handmade in house. However the blade is made from a scrap of 5160 that was getting kicked around for awhile. It's not perfect, but it seemed like a good exercise so I can finally finish that big Fantasy Longsword.

Blade length is 30" from shoulder to tip. It has 8" tang. Blade weight is 14oz. Guard is 9" from the quillion tips. Altogether its 38" tip to pommel, and 2lbs 5.2oz in total weight. Balance falls a half inch in front of the guard. This was inspired by visualizing a nautical themed sidesword from the 15th century. It is somewhat thrown together and will undergo more finishing. For now the blade handles like a short and stout rapier, but still retains a very cut happy characteristic. I imagine it to be the dueling side arm of a mercenary. Robust and useful for a many fights.

(crumby pictures, new ones soon)









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I like that. Sooner or later, I have to start swordsmithing.

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