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KITH - Wolfstooth?

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Well, I have finally gotten around to getting my materials as shown below:

1) 4 way rasp/file
2) 3 chainsaw chains (individually welded)
3) Panga Panga for handle (local woodcraft store, which i think still counts as a boxed hardware store :unsure:)
4) copper pipe (for fittings, plan is mokume-gane, still need mild steel)

I will follow up with a drawing of what i want to do, but my plan is to weld the chainsaw up as a billet for the back of the spine, and weld the rasp as the blade edge. My initial plan is to weld these together with a wolfs tooth pattern, mainly because 1) if it works, i hope it will look cool, 2) why the hell not, and 3) i seem to remember Alan posting a "history" of a blade that was a Sax that had been re-handled as a Bowie i believe with rounded pins, and it sparked the idea for this.

we shall see how successful i am at any of this...



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