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Hello again!

I have yet to get bored of axemaking, and i am always finding myself coming back to the subject.

Here is another one, the construction method is symmetrically wrapped with a medium-carbon edge bit!

It started out as a piece of mild steel, with the dimensions 12x35x190mm, and a small piece of ø25 round ck60 forged out to form an edge insert.

The handle material is elm, and the axe is hafted from the top like a trade axe.


Here it is, as forged and normalized





And here it is after grinding, heat treat and polishing.









And here it is as hafted.









If anybody has any idea on which Petersen typology this might fit under i would be happy to hear about it.( type G maybe?)


Best regards

Peder Visti

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that is pretty! I haven't ever made an axe, nor have I studied originals in my hand, only through glass. So, I don't know if it is the right thickness, etc. But, it sure looks like you did a great job!


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