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Joshua States

What did you do in your shop today?

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Spent a good 3 hours yesterday wrestling a 30 year old rubber truck tire off a nice metal rim.  Worth the effort.   So today I put it to use for my new anvil like object.   4 inch solid round axle of some sort as main base ,  welded on fork lift tine,  with my new wheel rim as a stabilizer base. Ignore the chain.   About 250 lbs total weight.   Got it set high, mostly gonna use it to help flatten and straighten long blades,  but also hope to use it for a main anvil for a treadle hammer of some sort.


Found this guy at a swap meet a while back for like $30.   Dunno what steel but it has a real nice rebound and seems hard enough...   So I'm gonna mount it on my old anvil stump and see how it works.  4x4x10 "



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Got to working on that square block today,  cut out a square about 2 inches  deep in that old stump.  Don't know what kind of wood it is, maybe pine?  Didn't get a pic of the cut because when I went in to do a test fit the block slid right in and was a tight fit, so I just pounded it the rest of the way in.   It's in there solid now, not coming out easily. Looks like I totally scored on that block because it IS hardened.   Took me forever just to polish it up as much as you see, and that was with an angle grinder.   Has more center mass than my heavier real anvil and I think it will work out well.  If you look real close,  you can see how close I got my fit on the first try,  not bad for my rusty noob woodworking skills...










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Nice job! Not get something hot and hit it hard!

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