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What did you do in your shop today?

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Finished another folder.  Little bitty bugger, 2.5" / 63mm closed, 4.5" / 112mm open.  O-1, brass liners, nickel silver bolsters and pins, ebony scales.  Still needs an edge and some cleanup, but it's

Coffee etch and a little oil.. very happy with it. My grinder finally broke down so no handle or any more knives for a while, but there’s an ameribrade 2x72 coming soon. 

Yesterday, and not my shop.

Posted Images

If you do, put it in the "shop safety" subforum with the whole story and a "graphic image" warning.  Just so people know what they're getting in to.


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Jeremy, I know that really hurts and it’s a PiTA to work around. Perhaps on the brighter side your friend did hit the drift :unsure:!

Great looking axe work you are making!

Gary LT

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Greetings folks. I'm not sure where to post this and I'm beginning to think this isn't the right place as I'd love to post in show in tell, however this is a bladesmith's forum and not a luthier forum...... and so..... this is what happened in the shop today, yesterday, and the month before. Knives are being worked on! And Alan, if you feel it's not appropriate, feel free to remove or move to a more appropriate spot!


At the end of it all, it's still surreal to think that this was something I've built with my own hands from scratch with minimal tools and no knowledge. It's been a month and a half journey of blood, sweat, and a few tears (of joy....that something ACTUALLY WORKED). So here's some photos.
For those who care about the woods used:
- Engelmann Spruce top with Spanish Cedar bracing.
-East Indian Rosewood sides and back with African Mahogany bracing
-African Mahogany neck
-Bolivian Rosewood veneer and Curly Maple/Black ABS bindings
-Grover Vintage Tuners
1Front soundhole 2.jpg
2Front Soundhole.jpg
4Complete Backshot.jpg
3Back and Side shot.jpg

5Wedge plate.jpg






7Tuner Pegs Back.jpg

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Outstanding work @Austin_Lyles  I watched a guy build a violin on line a while back and the intracisy of the work is inspiring. For someone who did this  " with minimal tools and no knowledge"  the result is beautiful. The next queastion is, "can you play" :)

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Sad news here, I just recently changed job and by default lost my knifemaking shop. It was a tough decision to make, but my last workplace was unsafe and I decided to leave and stay alive a bit longer. 


I'm keeping all my tools until I find a new place or build a garage next to the house.

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6 minutes ago, Brian Dougherty said:

Sorry to hear that Joël.  Good on you for being brave enough to make the change.  Another shop space will come along soon.


Exactly.  It may be a while, especially this year, but you'll find or make the space to keep doing this.  

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49 minutes ago, Joshua States said:

@Joël Mercier do they have anything like this in Canadialand?

Of course we do. I've already got a 10"x12" shed that's full of stuff.

If it was only me, I'd have my garage already. But the president of the house wants other things done first :lol:

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